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Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography

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This book teaches photographers how to take the concepts of fashion photography and apply these techniques to their portrait and wedding photography. By adding fashion flair to their work, photographers can distinguish themselves from their competition and demand a higher price for their images and creativity.

Fashion photographers utilize preparation, styling, props, lighting, posing and post-processing techniques to achieve the desired visual effects in their high-end shoots. Yet these very same techniques can be applied to the images of portrait and wedding photography to create outstanding work that will differentiate a photographer from the competition. Many potential clients want to feel like they are models or to star in their very own visual/photo production.  This book will teach photographers how to prepare and creative imagery to allow their clients to feel edgy, striking and high-end.

This book is not about becoming a fashion photographer - it is about using fashion photography techniques for successful portrait and wedding photography.

In addition to photographic techniques, this book also provides a variety of business and marketing tips for the professional photographers seeing to grow his or her business.

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