Magic of Gels (PDF guide only)


The Magic of Gels Recipe Guide (ebook) consists of 155 pages with 36 sample lighting setups that feature color gels. 

Learn to create scroll stopping images with this go-to guide and remix the setups to create your own recipes! 

From 2 light setups all the way up to 5 lights! 

Also included are more advanced setups so that once you’ve mastered the essentials you have room to grow and experiment.

Each recipe contains the necessary info to replicate it:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Diagram of lighting scene
  • Behind the scenes image of each setup
  • Camera gear used Camera / lighting settings
  • Tips to achieve a better image
  • Gear guide
  • Color Theory explanations
  • Setups divided by how many lights are required

Note: This is not the full Magic of Gels series,  just the PDF guide. If you would like the guide AND accompanying videos you can purchase the series here: Magic of Gels video series   

 Please note, this is NOT a physical book. It is a downloadable PDF file.