One Light Artistry Recipe Guide


Many of the greatest photographers of all time created their iconic images with a single strobe. What made the images so striking and memorable? It was their concept, styling, and their control of light.

This guide is designed to open your eyes and inspire you to understand the endless stunning results that can be achieved even with one light! When you have a plan, and a concept you'd be surprised what you can do! 

So as you guessed, this series is ideal for those who have one light. Sure you can benefit from this as well if you have more than one light but this is a great reference to have if you only have a single light and some modifiers. 

Each setup in this "lighting recipe guide" is designed to be easily replicated with ONE LIGHT (and varying modifiers) and a great base for you to experiment with and create your own lighting concoctions!

24 setups in total PDF / E-book Detailed description of each setup

Tip: This guide is ideally paired with the One Light Artistry video series available here: (comes with guide).

Please note, this is NOT a physical book. It is a downloadable PDF file.