Posing Essentials: Hands (physical cards version)


Are you more of a hands on type of learner? Than this set of 100 physical 4x6 cards is for you! Pin your favorite poses to your artboard, or hand them (no pun intended) to your model on set! 

We all know that posing hands can be a challenge and you may worry about quickly running out of ideas. Well, worry no more! This ebook is dedicated specifically to the art of posing hands with 100 different poses for women and is great for portrait, wedding and fashion photographers alike! Practice with the cards to help master posing hands or bring your favorites along with you on a shoot for quick reference. These cards help reduce one of posing’s greatest frustrations — achieving (and remembering!) great hand poses!

  • 100 images for inspiration 
  • Detailed description of the pose
  • Format: 100 physical 4x6 printed cards

Digital PDF version available here: https://store.lindsayadlerphotography.com/collections/all/products/posing-essentials-hands