Studio Lighting Guide

Think of this guide as your lighting cookbook. You can mix a variety of different ingredients together (angle of light, modifiers, strength of light, number of lights) for some fantastic recipes. In this guide I've provided you with some of my favorite lighting recipes and results. Simply flip through the pages to find the lighting scenario that fits your tastes for a particular shoot.
Need a range of high key setups? Or are you looking for more dramatic lighting patterns? Do you want to see how different modifiers change the look of a shot? All of that and much more can be found in this lighting guide. Inside you'll find dozens of setups including a list of the gear, behind the scenes shots, lighting diagrams, and distances/power of lights— all you need to recreate the effect in the final shot. 
Guide contains 60 setups. 
This is a PDF file that will be sent to you electronically via email, it is not a physical item.