Fine Art Nude Maternity Posing Guide

A maternity session is a very special moment and gift in a woman's life. It a way for her to appreciate her body and the miracle of life. 
Your job is a photographer is to capture the beauty and essence of this moment. Most maternity shots are really a variation of one or two poses, often lacking variety and creativity. This posing guide changes that. The guide is filled with 50 different poses for a maternity session—the subject sitting, reclining, standing and with her partner. While some of the poses are traditional, many of the poses are creative and even sensual or inspired by fashion posing. Never again will you run out of ideas for maternity poses or feel stuck with 'traditional'. Be inspired, try new poses and take your maternitysessions to a new level. 
This guide contains all the information you need to create powerful images, including descriptions of how to direct your subject into a pose, as well as all of the camera settings, gear used, lighting and more. Use this guide as a starting point for your creativity and stunning maternity images. 


This is a digital download and is in PDF format. The guide includes 50 poses.